Manvel Upgrades Mass Notification System

Stay informed with Manvel's upgraded mass notification system.

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The City of Manvel announces its transition to Everbridge as its new Mass Notification System (Manvel MNS). This move is aimed at providing residents with a more robust and customizable communication experience.

Everbridge will replace Blackboard Connect as the City's chosen Mass Notification System. While this upgrade brings a wealth of benefits, it necessitates residents previously subscribed to Blackboard Connect to re-register, as contact information could not be seamlessly transferred to the new platform.

Key Benefits of Everbridge:

  1. Tailored Notifications: Everbridge empowers residents to personalize their notification preferences, enabling them to opt-in to specific alerts based on their interests. Categories include severe weather notices, water interruptions, street closures, and more.
  2. Customized Delivery Methods: Residents have the flexibility to choose how they receive notifications – whether through phone calls, emails, or text messages. This personalized approach ensures that residents stay informed in a way that suits their communication preferences.
  3. Severe Weather Alerts: With Everbridge, residents will receive prompt and accurate severe weather notifications, helping them stay prepared and safe during adverse weather conditions.
  4. Proactive Communication on Public Works: Receive updates on planned water interruptions and street closures, allowing residents to plan and respond effectively.

While the transition requires residents to re-sign up for the Everbridge platform, the City assures that the enhanced features and improved communication capabilities make this effort worthwhile.

To register for the new Manvel MNS platform and stay informed, visit For questions, email or call 281-489-0630.

The City of Manvel remains committed to leveraging technology to enhance resident engagement and communication. Everbridge represents a significant step forward in ensuring that our community stays connected, informed, and safe.

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